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The sagging breast tissue is reshaped and excess skin is removed during the aesthetic breast lift operation. The nipple is repositioned to the place where it supposed to be. The operation is carried out under general anesthesia in the operating room within a hospital and takes 1,5-2 hours. Scars of different shapes remain according to the degree of sagging. Whichever method is used, it is inevitable that scars remain on areola.

The scar on the areola could be more apparent if a breast lift operation is applied by making an incision to areola. In other breast lift operations, in addition to the scar on the areola, a scar of 4-5 cm which stretches down from the middle part of the lower edge of nipple can exist.The sagging can be eliminated in suitable patients only by placing a breast prosthesis.

Thus, surgical scar is hidden there where brownish skin of nipple and white skin of breast converge and becomes minimal. There is no breast lift operation that does not leave scar. However these scars are scars which are apparent in the beginning but become indistinct over time.

Postoperative period is usually comfortable. Pain usually doesn’t make a trouble. If a breast prosthesis has been used in the operation, an arm movement limitation may occur for several days. A bra-like bandage is applied on breasts. A seperate dressing is put on nipple. The wound is checked by opening the dressing after 2 days. The bandage is opened after 7 days. Stitches are removed within 7 – 10 days. The patient is dressed with a sports bra for 6 weeks and is advised massage. Swellings might develop in the early period, nipple numbness and a purplish color change on the skin may occur. These disappear spontaneously in a short time.

The patient can go back to work within 3-4 days. He is advised to avoid strenuous sports for 3 months. Aesthetic breast lift operation  is an operation which usually gives good and persistent results, improves the mental health of the person and his/her partner and makes them more attached to life. The newly reshaped breast will be long-lasting but changes in weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity might cause new saggings.